Monday, August 24, 2009

Food = Inspiration

Last night I had the great pleasure of watching the movie Julie & Julia. While there were several scenes and a bit of language I would cut out, it was an amazingly wonderful movie! In case you don't know, half of it is the story of Julia Child, French chef extraordinaire, and Julie Powell, French chef wannabe. It is a charming film that shows both of them growing culinarily, laughing and crying their way through gourmet cuisine. Now I have a craving for raspberry Bavarian cream...yikes.

So this got me thinking: one of the greatest assets of homeschooling is that girls can get really good at housekeeping really early. Why wait till you leave home? Public schoolers have to spend all that time away from the house, letting their mom or their maid take care of everything, so whenever they move off to college they have to learn everything from scratch all by themselves. This is where we have the upper hand.

If you don't help your mom out with meals very often, I would definitely encourage you to do so. Learn the basics of meal preparation, recipe translation, dinner planning, etc. now, so that you are well prepared if and when you fly the coop. Plus, it's wonderful quality time spent with your mother, time that many public schoolers don't have. Another blessing for the homeschoolers of the world!

Also, if you are a long-time Food Network junkie or have just been recently inspired, you can use this time to experiment with really interesting, delicious, and gourmet foods (I believe that the last thing broke college students are thinking about is where to buy chervil for the Crepes Aux Fines Herbes). People are always talking about "considering this time of singleness as a gift." Well, here's a practical way to put your free hours to good use: cooking things you may never have the time or money for again.

So, to take a dose of my own medicine, I'm going to get Mastering the Art of French Cooking from the library, and try my hand at raspberry Bavarian cream!

Abby Rogers


  1. Cheerio!!! Sounds like a good idea :D FIVE STARS on this blog!!! *****

  2. I have never looked for chervil...I have to admit that. There was the pepper steak for breakfast incident, but no chervil. As for Julie and Julia, I HAVE to see that movie! You're the second friend whose opinion I trust that has recommended it.


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