Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am ecstatic! Yesterday morning Mom drove me to the testing center so that I could take my written driver’s test. We walked through a cold gray drizzle to an ugly little metal and brick building, which was very quiet inside (save for the squishing of our wet tennis hoes on the slick tile floor). Believe you me, I have never been so nervous while taking a test! When the lady with long pink fingernails who misspelled my name sat me in front of the computer screen I felt like vomiting. My stomach twisted itself into knotty contortions as I tried to concentrate on the 25 questions that would decide my fate.
For me the driver’s test has always seemed like a sort of litmus test. Those who don’t pass the first time are going to have a hard time in life (they don’t study hard enough, they don’t care enough, etc.), and those who pass the first time are the “good ones”. All of a sudden I was afraid that I had a very good chance of being one of the “losers”, no matter how hard I had studied.

It was really touch-and-go there for a while, with the sadistic computer quizzing me on subjects I’d never thought to study, but then I got this question: What is the only traffic sign in the shape of an octagon? Then my confidence began to build. Sure enough, this little screen popped up saying: “Congratulations, you have passed your test!” Can you imagine my relief? I give God all of the glory, I could never have done it alone!

So I now have my learner’s permit, yay!!! After Mom and I did some celebratory shopping at Kohl’s, I had my first legal driving experience in the deserted parking lot of the cinema next door. I’m sure anyone watching me would have really wondered what on earth I was up to, tehe! Then I drove some more in a huge subdivision, equally deserted. I must say, I think I did pretty well for my first day. Wish me luck, send me prayers, and hope that I won’t cause any damage in the coming months!

Abby Rogers

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  1. Anonymous11/21/2009

    Congrats! Unless you didn't see my previous comment, the reason I'm commenting A LOT is because I'm finally able too. haha. And I'm also a homeschooled teen, soo.... I'm very excited to be old enough to get my driver's permit. The age where I live is 16. So close though!


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