Monday, February 22, 2010

Morning: One of God's Greatest Gifts

I experienced a gorgeous morning yesterday. I awoke at about seven, dressed in my fluffy blue bathrobe, and stepped out into my little cottage garden, all wet with dew. Oh, it was heavenly! I brought along my composition book and scribbled some observations as I sat under a bower of morning glories. Here's the polished version of what I wrote:

"It was a morning heartbreaking in its beauty. Clouds had been spread generously, like butter, across the sky. Gentle light showed through them and melted over the dewy fields.

Gardens trembled in anticipation as the cool breeze came to meet them; it swept back leaves and ruffled petals, ever so lightly. The tall, woody zinnias swayed to the zephyr's gentle touch. Tiny flowers with tissue-petals drank in the cloudy light while succulent herbs stood patient and erect. Damp soil called to graceful tree, and the trees whispered secrets to the wind. It was still early and the insects of the night continued to sing in defiance of the sun. Birds in the treetops began to awake, however, and a rooster trumpeted his ultimatum to the dawn.

Another morning had begun."

Whether you live on 15 acres in the country, a tiny lot in town or an apartment in the city, consider getting up a little earlier than usual to drink in the loveliness of God's morning. The Great Artist paints a gorgeous canvas for us with every dawn, the least we can do is enjoy it!

Abby Rogers
-Originally posted 3.8.09


  1. wow, you are an amazing writer :D

    yeah i know, i loooove mornings, to just step out when the sun is bright and the shadows are long and everything's coming to life, yet it's so peaceful and quiet out. idk, it's amazing. however, i have experienced this, what? 1, 2 times in my life? lol. i cannot get up early. i pretty much can't get up at any time xD lol.

  2. Wow, that was so beautiful! You're such a talented writer. :D

  3. Awwwww, shucks. Thanks guys :)


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