Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is Wisdom?

Not to know at large of things remote

From use, obscure and subtle, but to know

That which before us lies in daily life,
Is the prime wisdom.
                                                                                    -John Milton

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  1. I took a class on John Milton at Iowa State University in 1995. I enjoyed it very much. Milton is well-known as a poet, but he was also a great essayist. You should read "Areopagitica", "A Second Defence of the English People" and "On Christian Doctrine"--these are a few of my favorite essays.

    Milton also said that his poem "Paradise Lost" was dictated to him by the Holy Ghost. Not inspired, dictated.

    The Lord has inspired me to write some things in my life. My poem "Shiloh" was dictated to me by the Holy Ghost.


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