Friday, July 1, 2011

Luncheon in St. Louis

There is a part of St. Louis that is simply called "The Hill". This atmospheric section south of the River des Peres is the Italian part of town, with a salumeria or Catholic church on every corner. Charming little brick houses vie for a few more inches of space beside red, white, and green delicatessens, while children play in one of the area parks. 
One "undiscovered gem" of this area is Eovaldi's Deli, where they make their own salsiccia and delicious red sauce. Our awesome guide, Mindy, showed us this little place tucked away on Bischoff Avenue, far from the swarming crowds of tourists. This is more of a local's place, and we were eager to get the "real deal". 

Both Cameron and I ordered Eovaldi's famous salsiccia sandwich with red sauce, olives, and provel cheese (a St. Louis specialty). Oh man. It was love at first bite.

And that wasn't the end! After we finished our scrumptious sandwiches we headed down the street to the Missouri Baking Company to ogle glass cases stacked high with biscotti, cobblers, cinnamon rolls, baklava, tiramisu, a towering homemade-marshmallow-chocolate concotion, danishes, and more and more and more. Cameron opted for one of their authentic ricotta cheese canolis and Mindy picked up a sfoglietelle

Aaaack, so many choices!
I just wanted one bite of everything in the shop, but finally decided on this little beauty:
So, once we got that "I-think-I-ate-half-of-St. Louis" feeling, we were off on another Grand Adventure!

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