Thursday, November 24, 2011

100 Reasons I Give Thanks

  1. I have a merciful Savior who loves me, warts and all.
  2. The leaves change color in the fall; they don’t have to, but they do.
  3. My mother is a creative person who “gets” me on so many levels and who loves me to death.
  4. My father is a humorous and loving man who provides well for our family and would do anything for us.
  5. My little brother may be a twerp sometimes, but he’s my twerp and I know that he loves me…deep down.
  6. I have a part-time job with my family that allows me to make a regular paycheck and have plenty of time to listen to books on my iPod.
  7. I am incredibly blessed to have so much extended family living nearby; my grandparents are amazing.
  8. Foggy mornings.
  9. While I may not have many friendships, the ones I have are deep and full of meaning, purpose, beauty, and laughter.
  10. I am in on the Goodwill Secret—and am not afraid to utilize my knowledge.
  11.  I have the freedom to experiment, to explore, to create a future that’s perfectly suited to me.
  12.  I have access to an awesome public library filled with thousands and thousands of books, DVDs, and audio CDs.
  13.  My country grants me freedom of religion, and I need have no fear to worship.
  14.  I am physically fit, capable of doing everything I want to do.
  15.  There are Panini sandwiches and gallons of pesto in the world.
  16.  I have been able to pursue a non-traditional education through homeschooling, CLEP and DSST tests, and online college.
  17.  Despite the fact that my body does not like my fingers and frequently attempts to sever them, I have never been seriously injured.
  18.  Krispy Kreme makes glazed doughnuts.
  19.  The Internet: one of man’s most brilliant creations.
  20.  Pizza, fresh out of the oven.
  21.  I love people who can make history come alive.
  22.  Those dedicated souls who read my blogs J
  23.  I’m discovering the wonders of photography, the potential, the artistry.
  24.  The blogosphere!
  25.  I’m so grateful for the amazing creativity and imagination of the wonderful fiction authors I enjoy so much.
  26.  Sunsets are never the same, and they transform the world into a fairyland.
  27.  We have fairy tales.
  28.  I relish the pleasure of going out to a nice restaurant with my family or girlfriends.
  29.  I love watching so many wonderful films from the past and present eras, from It’s a Wonderful Life to The Lord of the Rings.
  30.  The joys of cooking.
  31.  Walmart: where you can buy sparkplugs, cheese, and a bikini at the same store.
  32.  I am thankful for the thrill of doing something that’s frightening, then looking back and feeling satisfied.
  33.  Smoked brisket—the way my Granddaddy makes it.
  34.  I’m so glad that I don’t have Bieber-Fever.
  35.  My little iPod, Cranmer, has served me well. There are times I’d be bored to death without it.
  36.  I had crooked teeth, I got braces, and now the braces are off and my smile is beautiful!
  37.  We recently got a lot of new furniture, purchased on Craigslist for a rock-bottom price.
  38.  My acne isn’t nearly as bad as some other peoples’.
  39.  The board game Moods: awesome times.
  40.  The way that cars on the interstate create a ribbon of red and white lights.
  41.  I’m glad that I have enough self-control to save my money and not buy too many things I don’t need.
  42.  The amazing creativity of entrepreneurs; I’m constantly amazed.
  43.  We have family dinners where I can get stuffed silly on good food, laughter, fun, and precious memories, not to mention awkward old stories about my uncles.
  44.  I appreciate little towns with character, especially when they also have thatched roofs.
  45.  There’s a gas station near our home that sells British food, and I love them for it.
  46.  Children who can smile in the midst of war, filth, and deprivation.
  47.  Christmas Carols!
  48.  Beautiful music that thrills the soul and stimulates the imagination.
  49.  My brother’s random, impulsive hugs.
  50.  While children are starving in Africa, I have way more than enough to eat (I know it’s typical, but I really mean it!).
  51.  Chocolate.
  52.  People who have conquered great obstacles, rising above their beginnings and becoming huge successes.
  53.  Alan Rickman. Need I say more?
  54.  The decisions my parents and I have made about my life so far have built a firm foundation that can be a launching pad to great things.
  55.  I greet the appearance of Christmas lights—in due season.
  56.  Those people who inspire me to do greater things.
  57.  I’m thankful for the world-class museum that’s recently opened near my home, Crystal Bridges.
  58.  Red Mini-Coopers: because they’re just that cute.
  59.  Those few sane people involved in politics.
  60.  The sharpness of stars on a clear night.
  61.  Rainy days, hot tea, and pumpkin cake or fresh banana bread.
  62.  My little beta fishies, Romanov and Plantagenet, were lovely during their lifetimes.
  63.  Beautiful houses—it’s hard to get tired of seeing them.
  64.  I’m thankful for makeup, even when I don’t wear it.
  65.  My friend and I have a face painting business (, and I love the extra income and companionship.
  66.  Isn’t it great that my favorite pro football team just won the Superbowl and are doing so well in this year’s playoffs?
  67.  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels—is there anything sweeter?
  68.  I give thanks for the talents God has given me, especially my gift of writing.
  69.  Holidays: what could be better than getting off of work for a weekend and spending time with those you love?
  70.  Atmospheric ruins.
  71.  Barnes & Noble has a great atmosphere and I love browsing, even if I’ve only ever bought a calendar.
  72.  I give thanks for the amazing island of Great Britain.
  73.  I can listen to podcasts that interest and inspire, open new worlds, and introduce me to subjects I might never be exposed to otherwise.
  74.  I’m grateful for my hair; it might be thin, straight, and oily, but it’s relatively carefree and very versatile.
  75.  Cell phone service when you need it.
  76.  Clothing. I’m not a fanatical shopper by any means, but I do enjoy looking snappy and buying something special.
  77.  My laptop, Britannia, is my pride and joy!
  78.  Learning experiences, not failures.
  79.  Acting on the theater stage: one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. There’s nothing like playing your heart out in front of a full audience.
  80.  My imagination has been a comfort to me since I was a little girl.
  81.  I love our church, a little home fellowship of close-knit friends and family.
  82.  Seeing a stranger smile.
  83.  Making wild and crazy plans that just might come true.
  84.  Eating eggnog ice cream in the middle of a long night of cleaning.
  85.  Getting flowers, however rare that may be.
  86.  I’m thankful for the fact that I will probably never need to work at a fast food restaurant, but if I do I will be well-quipped to be a stellar employee.
  87.  I always look forward to our annual girls’ camping weekend in October.
  88.  The feeling of the wind through my hair as I coast down a hill on my bike.
  89.  British comedies from the 1980s.
  90.  It’s nice to want to remember something and actually remember it.
  91.  Those moments when I’m struck with a rush of artistic inspiration.
  92.  I have the chance to learn from some of the greatest thinkers of history through the miracle of the written word.
  93.  Leftovers—they make this world a better place.
  94.  Laughing myself silly.
  95.  Making great grades on my college assignments.
  96.  The sense of accomplishment after a difficult task’s successful completion.
  97.  Twirling around in the Regency Era dress that my Mamage made for me.
  98.  The quiet joy of walking around our beautiful property, savoring God’s creation.
  99.  Learning to appreciate something for the first time.
  100. Thanksgiving!
How about you?


  1. I enjoyed reading this. =) I whole-heartedly agree on a number of these!

  2. There are indeed so.... many things to be thankful for! Pages would quickly fill up!
    In Christ,


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