Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photography 101

My college philosophy is this: I'm getting a bachelor's of arts degree in English because I'm sure that my future career (whatever that is) will have something to do with writing; I want to take classes that will be enjoyable and help me reach my life goals.  

If you're familiar with my bucket list, then you know that one of my life goals is to become a semi-professional photographer. I don't intend to make a living off of it, but I do want to hone my craft and learn to manipulate camera settings, lighting, setting, etc., to create enviable works of art. When I saw that my college offered a beginner's course in photography I couldn't resist signing up, and I'm so glad that I did! My professor is absolutely amazing--the kind of enthusiastic, talented, encouraging guy that you would love to have as a friend. He has challenged, inspired, and pushed me to give my best since I started taking the class in November, and I have improved so much since then! Here is a sampling of my best recent photography, I hope you enjoy it and leave a few comments :)

This cute little chipmunk was sculpted by a friend of mine--now 98 years old.

I titled this photo "The Things We Leave Behind." These childhood toys are
being abandoned by the figure in the distance.

I've always wanted to take a "silky water" shot!

Fun with finger paints!

These are my beloved Granddaddy's hands--and no, he didn't chop off
his fingers with a table saw :)

A serendipitous shot of my daddy and mamage

This is the road that leads to my great-grandparents' farm, way out in the
wilds of rural Tennessee. 

My brother was so reluctant to get out into the cold and take this photo....

Skullbone, Tennessee--the middle of nowhere.

This one was taken on a whim with a pashmina shawl, heart locket, and a candle.

My awesome friend, Aubrey, with her adorable bunny!

This cross is on top of a little footbridge in our city park.


  1. Abby the pics are lovely!'s hard to choose which is my favorite! I think my top three would be:
    a. The road leading to your great-grandparents (the tree looks really neat in that picture...It reminds me of the Tree of Gondor in the Lord of the Rings =])
    b. The locket w/ shawl
    c. Your friend and her bunny :]

    It was neat to see the totally different subjects that you chose to photograph. Keep it up!

    I'm sure you're also planning on using this skill when you travel to Britain right? =}

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thank you so much, Devin! That tree photo seems to resonate with people.... I certainly tried hard to get a variety of shots!

    Yes, definitely! I've told my instructor and my whole class that I intend to use what I've learned to photograph the entire island of Britain :)

  3. Oh, I love these! I like the ones that Devin mentioned, and the train tracks, and the one above it. Is that some sort of plant?

  4. Thanks, Olivia! Yes, that's a plant that was part of a landscaped border. Dried grasses are so pretty close-up :)


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