Friday, February 24, 2012

More Gifts

  • Wind is the breath of sunshine
  • The whistling train is victorious, chugging and squealing onward and upward
  • My pillow is the transport to a world without expectations or responsibilities 
  • From Grace for the Good Girl, "You are not accepted because you are good. You are free to be good because you are accepted."
  • My hard-working-mud-caked-blue-jean brother
  • Creative fingers, held in anticipation over keys of black and white
  • Interactions with blog readers
  • Arriving to piano lessons early, sipping hot black coffee
  • Hearing words of inspiration and encouragement while wiping spaces clean 
  • Mom and Dad, laughing together on the porch
  • Aaron and his buddies laughing as they spill sawdust over the garage
  • My parents taking it easy after I banged up the car
  • "By perseverance the snail reached the ark." -C.H. Spurgeon
  • "On every level of life, from housework to heights of prayer, in all judgment and efforts to get things done, hurry and impatience are sure marks of the amateur." - Evelyn Underhill
  • Kyla's hilarious, wonderful review post:
  • Napkins in symmetrical rows, fresh in their pink elegance
  • Cinnamon-ed muffins fluffing in the oven
  • A spider folded, dangling underneath a table; repulsive then fascinating  
  • Fuzzy blanket, lovingly stitched
  • The littlest nails in the finished Axis and Allies game board
  • The complex melodies and rhythms of classical music
  • The frosting, chapping air to remind you that you're alive
  • Rocks and dirt, turning with the flip of a shovel and a muddy converse shoe
  • The incredible intricacy of snowdrops
  • Adorable Russian doll earbuds
  • Scrumptious strawberries in thick chocolate ice cream
  • Cute little mini cooper
  • Broken lips praising the Lord
  • My tea tidy, glued with love
  • A knitted scarf, a white elephant gift, and a wrinkled book from Goodwill
  • Gelatinous halwa, glossy and sweet
  • Blue jays hopping and diving and nibbling
  • Burst of sunlight through lowering clouds
  • After-midnight laughter over party plans
  • Mamage laughing at my lame joke
  • Late night laughs with the backseat comedians
  • Nibbling--cook's privilege
  • Guests having a blast at a party we created
  • The opportunity to hear college lectures while cleaning
  • Mr Byron, growing old alone in his house
  • The possibility of a tumor on Malachi's brain
  • Another hard night of cleaning
  • Blazing orange coals, simmering in the stove
  • Rows of colorful, beautiful, comfortable clothes
  • A man and his dog, lounging warm in the office
  • I can hear my loving, happy family around me
  • The assurance of God's approval through Christ
  • Knowing that God is listening to every word I pray

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