Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gratitude: It Isn't Easy

In the hush of the moment,
in the beautiful quiet,
in the peaceful silence,
that's when I can hear God.
In the roar of the day,
in the monstrous rush,
in the chaotic maelstrom,
that's when I should hear God.

There are so many things to give thanks for, so many reasons to be joyful! Why let stress and anxiety ruin this second? This minute? This life?

Quick, type out five things you have to be grateful for right now. Then dwell on those things as you go about the rest of your day. Don't forget how good God is!

  • Daddy dropping pounds
  • An invisible network of spiderwebs, gilded by the sun

The intricacies of granola
  • Making a donation to Voice Of the Martyrs, impacting lives through Christ
  • Afternoon sunlight silhouetting the world
  • A grassy nook made fairylike by shadows
  • Invisible water making a blurry shadow on the wall
  • Sweet smiles as I hand out drinks at potluck
  • Singing with Clara while washing dishes
  • Clean countertops and an orderly sink
  • Discovering spiritual truths through toast
  • Business inspiration on a red envelope
  • A scrubby, scribbled notebook
  • Roasting marshmallows with friends
  • Hearing an old friend's voice instead of staying at home
  • Exchanging closure for healing
  • Mastering the art of French eating
  • Country music blaring--sounds of home
  • My creamy canvas bag--simple and lovely
  • A bit of litter on the parking lot
  • The tiniest white flower bud on a purplish-green stem, resting in the hollow of my dishwashed hand
  • Sacrificing stress for Jesus' joy
  • Hank whining and getting me out into the balmy February clouds

Remembering sweet times spent with a friend now passed 
  • Sacrificing stress for joy
  • Glowing autumn leaves preserved in brilliant tin
  • Tinkling glass slipper, Cinderella's prize
  • Wood rubbed smooth on a new/old buffet
  • The smell of garlic, onions, and cheese
  • Chunky-knit sweater, all collar
  • Curls of steam from a hot faucet, rising in morning light
  • Sheltering blanket with a long, wide rip
  • Bold black camera, ripe for capturing
  • Fragile tea ball, cradling withered leaves under boiling pour
  • Daffa-down-dillies against a dark window
  • Warm lamplight brought back from glass
  • Brother silhouette, leaning against the door
  • Scratched and dirty floor, bearing the memories of good times passed
  • Police lights in the dark: safety under the law
  • A filthy men's bathroom, nothing compared to the ancient Romans' latrines
  • God providing Ashley and Capernwray and Mr. Byron's generosity
  • Safety in risky circumstances, against all probability
  • The everyday gifts that make even the worst days brighter
  • Worn finish on our little piano

Goofy St. Patrick's Day Regalia
  • Glimmering rainbow of lights through a cut-glass window
  • Porcelain sink, gleaming smooth
  • Rolls of shimmering ribbon
  • Wind blustering around a snug, safe home
  • Big spiky purple/green salad
  • Piles of dollar bills
  • Familiar warmth of an old cardigan
  • My "practice challenge" t-shirt
  • The gentle grace of a hair clip
  • Mr. Byron's passing
  • College work
  • Friend finding another church family
  • Caraway in hamburger pie
  • Bright red cardinal on a wind-tossed branch
  • Skin crevices




  1. Hey Abby:) Just wanted to say thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving your nice comments. You're so right and I agree, God is so good and I'm sure he does things for us that go unnoticed but His love is so great that He keeps on lovin'.

    1. It's great to hear from you, Deyanira! I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)


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