Friday, August 21, 2009

So, To Plunge In...

It's a beautiful Friday morning where I'm at, and it being August 21 I'm sure that many of you are having mixed thoughts about school. I can see you now, staring down at your schoolbooks with glazed eyes, and kicking yourselves under the table when you can't seem to recall how to solve a simple multiplication problem. Then there are some people like me, girls who breathe in the scent of new erasers, run their fingers down the unblemished spines of brand new chemistry books, wait in eager anticipation for the mail to bring the newest version of their English textbook, and sit down to the first day of school with a springtime sort of feeling.
No matter how we approach the fall term, I think that deep down we all have a refreshing sense that we're starting with a clean slate. No matter how many Ds we made in algebra last year, it's a new season and we've got a second chance.
I know that I'm very ambitious when school starts up. I get out my cute little calendar and make a detailed list of times and classes, I organize my desk and put my books on their shelf and swear a solemn vow to take copious notes, type them all up on the computer and file them in neat little folders. Hah. That little fantasy dissapates around four o'clock the third day in. It's rather depressing when you realise that you've been staring at the same page for half an hour, dinner's almost on the table and you haven't even started Spanish.
But here's the light at the end of the tunnel, something that has helped me out in my own quest for stress-free education. Every day is a clean slate. No matter how many mistakes you made yesterday, today is as yet untouched. You can sit down to your arch-nemesis subject and know that you can make the decision to tackle it and win. You might emerge from the fight bloody and bruised, but you will emerge at the day's end. The next day doesn't have to be a repetition, you can wake rested and refreshed and tackle it again. And who knows, the scoreboard might look a little different this time.
So, whether you're type A or B, I hope that you thoroughly enjoy this fall term. I know that I'm looking forward to cool autumn days, hot apple cider, and brand new books just waiting to be opened. Remember, every day, every hour, every minute is a chance to prove yourself stronger than the time before. Every moment is a gift from God, the God of second chances and the ultimate New Beginning.
Tata for now,
Abby Rogers

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