Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Very Simple Floating Display for your Home

OK girls, here's a fun little thing you can make in just a few minutes that lends a very classy effect to a window ledge, bathroom counter, kitchen island, wherever you choose to put it! It's a floating flower display, and though you might think yourselves not quite up to arranging one of the huge, professional floating bouquets, this one is very easy.

I used a few sprigs of deep red berries that grow wild on our property, but perhaps you would like to use a sprig of juniper or colorful grasses; feel free to experiment! The method I'll show you here is basic (sort of a master recipe) and you can do anything you want with it afterwards. All right, so here's step one:

You begin with a clear glass vase (I bought this one for $1 at Wal-Mart), a little handful of aquarium or craft rocks (just enough to fill the vase about 1 to 1 1/2 inches), and a few sprigs of whatever you wish.

Next, fill the vase with your rocks.

Turn the vase on its side, shaking the rocks down a little, and begin poking in your sprigs, making sure that all the stem-ends are touching the bottom of the vase.

When you turn the vase over, the rocks should fall to the bottom, covering the sprig-ends and thus holding them secure. Now you just fill with water and, "hey presto", you have a lovely floating berry display! The water will keep your berries or flowers fresh for quite a while, but you have to remember to replace the water often (at least once every two days) in order to keep it fresh.

I hope that you can find the opportunity to create one of these floating beauties. It's really fun and the results are elegant indeed!

Tata for now!
Abby Rogers

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