Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I've Read So Far...

Alistair commented that I haven't told you what I have read in the past. That is true, so to help you guys out I've unearthed my reading lists for the past couple of years. Here are the classic/non-fiction books that I've already read (though this is not a complete list).

1. Born to Rule
2. Alexandra: The Last Tsarina
3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
4. The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
5. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
6. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
7. Through Gates of Splendor
8. Anna Karenina
9. The Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc
10. Walking His Trail: Signs of God Along the Way
11. Wuthering Heights
12. Catch Me If You Can
13. Jane Eyre
14. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
15. The Taming of the Shrew
16. Pilgrim's Progress
17. The Mutiny of Board H.M/S. Bounty
18. Great Authors: Mark Twain, Collected Stories
19. The Diaries of Adam and Eve
20. The Story of My Life (Helen Keller)
21. Davy Crockett - My Own Story
22. My Antonia
23. The Lord of the Flies
24. The Autobiography of Fredrick Douglas
25. Passion and Purity
26. The Lodger Shakespeare: His Life on Silver Street
27. The Great Gatsby
28. Oliver Twist
29. David Copperfield
30. Great Expectations
31. Their Eyes Were Watching God
32. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
33. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
34. If the South had won the Civil War
35. The Call of the Wild
36. Rip Van Winkle and other Stories
37. Little Women
38. Good Wives
39. Little Men
40. The Iliad
41. The Odyssey
42. To Sir, With Love
43. Mere Christianity
44. The Four Loves
45. 1984
46. Peter Pan
47. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
48. Anne of Green Gables Series (every one but Rilla of Ingleside, which I'm reading now)
49. Animal Farm
50. The Chronicles of Narnia
51. Tess of the d'Urbervilles
52. The Great Divorce
53. The Intellectual Devotional: Modern Culture
54. Letters of a Woman Homesteader
55. Moby Dick
56. Miracles
57. Lady Susan
58. The Good Earth
59. The Canterbury Tales
60. The Oresteia
61. Atlas Shrugged
62. In Defense of Food
63. All of Jane Austen's Finished Novels (except Persuasion, which I'll be starting soon)
64. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
65. The Age of Innocence
66. Brave New World
67. I Robot
68. How to Win Friends and Influence People
69. The Classic Hundred Poems
70. The Problem of Pain
71. The Picture of Dorian Gray
72. The Metamorphosis and Other Stories
73. To Kill a Mockingbird


  1. Hullo Abby,

    Thanks for this. It helps.

    If I can be a grumpy old man for a minute, I hope that when you say reading that's what you mean as I note you mention your i-pod and talk about reading with it.

    Listening doesn't count!

    Books are special. Talking books are usually abridged and missing lots of great stuff. Who wants to read a classic as a readers digest condensed version.......


  2. Um, sorry - meant to say.....

    Try 84 Charing cross Rd.

    84 Charing Cross Road is a 1970 book by Helene Hanff, later made into a stage play, television play and film, about the twenty-year correspondence between her and Frank Doel, chief buyer of Marks & Co, antiquarian booksellers located at the eponymous address in London, England.

    and I am Legend.

    I Am Legend is a 1954 science fiction/horror novel by American writer Richard Matheson. It was influential in the development of the vampire genre as well as the zombie genre, in popularizing the concept of a worldwide apocalypse due to disease, and in exploring the notion of vampirism as a disease. The novel was a success and was adapted to film as The Last Man on Earth in 1964, as The Omega Man in 1971, and as I Am Legend in 2007, along with an unofficial direct to video capitalizing on that film, I Am Omega.

  3. Excuse me, Alistair, but I have to disagree with your first comment! Listening certainly does count! Otherwise I would never have the chance to listen to classic literature! The only reason I might not think so would be that one doesn't have time to mull things over like when reading a real book, it's all over before you've really begun to think. can always hit the rewind button! I do share your horror of condensed books and have only ever read abridged versions when I made a mistake; you can imagine my pain at hearing that terrible word "abridged" at the end of the CD! I love actual books as well, though, and do try to read as many as possible!

  4. Thank you for your suggestions!

  5. Your welcome.

    And feel free to ignore me. I can be an old curmudgeon at times.

    Kind regards....Al.

    I'm not saying your wrong about the i-pod thing.

    Your just not as right as I am.


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