Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 Ambitions!

I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions. I think that it's rather silly to make wild commitments that you know will not last a month. However, I have made a "long-term goal" for 2010. It's not extremely ambitious, but it ought to keep me busy. Here it is: Read 40 Classic/Non-fiction books by December 31.

Now, since my job is to clean office buildings a few nights a week, it's easy to get in several hours of classic literature on my iPod while I'm working. But that doesn't mean that I won't have to work at this! I must find books that I haven't read before (I've read quite a few of the most common classics already), and ones that I will, hopefully, enjoy. I don't want to get bogged down in depressing Gothic novels and resort to fluff that won't help me reach my goal.

What exactly do I mean by "classics" and "non-fiction"? Well, the purpose of this exercise is to broaden my horizons, develop my mind, and create interesting conversation starters. Anything that could remotely be called a classic or which is full of meaningful historical of factual information that would accomplish these goals is therefore eligible for my reading list.

As I said, I’ve read many classics in the past. The problem is that I have forgotten almost as many as I’ve read (I am afraid that I have a very bad memory). So this year I am planning to write a short summary of every book I read along with my feelings and impressions upon finishing it, which I will post up here periodically. This way, we can both keep up with my progress.

I have a few books in mind already, but how about some suggestions? I would welcome any recommendations you might give me! Perhaps as I go through the year you will be inspired by some of my better reads, and forewarned of the terrible ones.

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Abby Rogers

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  1. I love Dickons and Wilde. My two favorite Classic writers. :)

  2. "Gracias" by Henry Nouwen

  3. Hullo Abby,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me an invite to follow your posts about Scotland. Like you I'm a bit of a history buff and post about it quite regularly.

    I live in Scotland so I can go see these places anytime. I think your plan to read and review classics is an interesting one and like that you ask for suggestions, but although you say you have read lots you don't say which ones. Why not post a list of what you have read. It might help prospective commentors.

    In the meantime I'll tag along on this one if you don't mind. I hope you come and join mine too.

    Good luck with the blogging.

    kind regards.....Al.

  4. Try 'Kidnapped' By RL Stevenson.

  5. It seems like a sensible resolution.
    'Middlemarch' by George Elliot is one of my favourites.


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