Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh my goodness.

I'm not promising anything, but there's a good chance that I'll be on national television tonight. 

19 Kids and Counting is a show on TLC about the Duggar family, from Tontitown, Arkansas (which is about half and hour from where I live). My mom has been teaching the Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance homeschool course to Aaron and me and some of our friends, and a few weeks ago we were learning about buying used cars instead of new ones. Well, mom thought that it would be a great idea to take all of us on a field trip to a used car lot, and was thrilled to learn that Josh Duggar operates a place called Champion Motorcars. We set up a time to go, and we brought along Peter and Amara Query, who are close friends with the Duggars.

Guess who was there when we arrived - the film crew! We had had vague suspicions of such a thing, but were very surprised when we learned that the entire field trip would be filmed. The cameras were constantly scanning, panning, up and down as we asked our questions and made notes of Josh's answers. We looked around at different automobiles, asked more questions, and then a few of us were actually interviewed! I told a little bit about myself and what we were doing, as did my dear friend Aubrey and her mother, Joyce. 

We signed release forms and everything, so it seemed like there might be a pretty good chance of us getting on the air, and just now we got a phone call and learned that the show will be on tonight, 9/8c. Hope you can catch it!

Ta ta for now,
Abby Rogers

Update: Yes, we did get on TLC!!! Here's the video:


  1. NO WAY!!! I love that show!

  2. WOOOOOOW, I totally can't wait to see you! I love that show, too. :)

  3. I saw ya'll...I got excited I was like "I sorta know her!!!" lol

    God bless!
    Emily <3

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Yes, I was almost jumping out of my skin to see myself (and some of my closest friends and family members) on national television! This is definitely one of those moments I'll remember for many years to come.


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