Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cottage Garden: Further Down the Road

Yes, I know, it's been ages  since I last posted :( But I've been a very busy girl! One facet of my schedule lately has been pottering about in my English Cottage Garden, so here's an update on that for all you fascinated masses.

The picture above is one of the columbines that I planted last year, which was so shrimpy and blossom-less that I almost gave up on it. Now my little columbine plants have skyrocketed into full growth and bloom, putting on these gorgeous, many-colored, complex flowers.

And here is the peony (Bowl of Beauty) which I thought might have died during the cold winter:

God does work some marvelous miracles, doesn't He? 

Were you wondering how those little seeds I planted earlier turned out? Well, most of them survived, I'm glad to say, and they have now taken up residence in the garden.

Above you can see a tiny little sage plant. Cute, isn't he?

And here is a basil seedling. I hope to get a lot of pesto out of this puppy.

So, that's the garden update. Are any of you guys busy getting humus under your nails?

Tata for now,

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