Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tough Decisions

You all probably know by now that I am a rabid Britophile and my dream is to travel to England. Well, I just so happen to have a friend who has been blessed with an amazing British fiancé, they're getting married in Liverpool in May, and I'm invited to come over and stay with them for two weeks!

The decision to go is harder than you'd think, though. Here are some pros and cons:

  • I would actually be in England!
  • I would get to network with people, making connections for future trips.
  • I could help out with the wedding preparations.
  • I would be immersed in real British culture.
  • I would be going over with my friend's parents, so I'd have company on my first (yes, first) airplane flight.
  • There's a wedding going on there probably wouldn't be anyone willing to galavant around the country with me, so I would be confined to Liverpool. 
  • The airfare would take a huge chunk out of my "Britain Fund", which could not be quickly replaced and so a big trip to England would have to wait for that.
  • Perhaps somewhat awkward dynamics of being a shy person in with a lot of wedding guests and people I don't know. 
There's also the fact that my friend is willing for me to come stay with her practically any time during the next two years, not just for this wedding. I could see myself going this fall with a companion (though I don't know who) and staying with them for a time in Liverpool, as well as London, etc..

So here's the question I pose to my devoted readers: do the pros outweigh the cons or the other way round? I'm just looking for a little advice.

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