Tuesday, February 8, 2011

World Champions!!!

Friends and Family--Packer Backers one and all!

Why is my text green today? Because our team won the world football championship! And boy, are we excited.

We had a big shindig over at my grandparents' house last night, and Mom worked especially hard to make sure that the atmosphere was sufficiently green-and-gold. She used poster board and a projector to make two huge posters with both teams' emblems announcing, "Packers VS Steelers." She also printed out signs with the names and numbers of eleven well-known Packer players, created sparkly ribbon wands in team colors, made deviled eggs with a green "G" on top of the yellow yolk, and cut a block of cheddar cheese into mini "cheeseheads" stuck onto green and yellow frilled toothpicks...it was amazing

And best of all? We won the Super Bowl! To give them credit, the Steelers did a good job of keeping us on our toes, but that made it an interesting game. We are die-hard Packer fans (in case you hadn't guessed that already) so you can just imagine us decked out in our team colors, eyes glued to the widescreen TV, shouting, groaning, laughing, dancing, and screaming like madmen at every play. I almost regret knowing as much about the game as I do--in the old days I thought that all was going well as long as we had more points than the other team. Ha! Now I come close to heart palpitations and seizures at stressful moments. I really get into these games (a legacy from my enthusiastic mother, I believe), and I yell and jump with the best of them.

To make it all even more fun, my girlfriends and I have picked out a favorite player to root for, just to make the whole thing more personal. (Leave it to a bunch of girls to turn a game of football into a "relational experience"!) During one game I noticed a guy who had just made an awesome play, noticed that his number was 52 and his name was Matthews, and the rest is history. He is my man. There he is, right down there:
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When he's on screen it's just a flash of hair, jersey, and biceps the size of Rhode Island. He is a linebacker, and he does his job well! It's a thrill to see him plow the other team's quarterback into the turf (nothing personal to the quarterback, of course). My friend actually made #52 sugar cookies, and we cheered him on the whole time defense was on the field. It was so much fun! 

All of those players made our cheeseheads proud.

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  1. I see you are a Green Bay Packers fan. I wanted Green Bay to win the Super Bowl, also. You may want to visit my blog: I have a post entitled "The Green Bay Packers and Super Bowl XLV".

    Or go to:


    You call yourself a "Britophile"--I believe the term you want to use is "Anglophile". I am also an Anglophile. The United States owes so much to England--especially the great Christians that came out of England, like John Milton, George Fox, Isaac Penington, John and Charles Wesley and others.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tim! I'll be sure to check out your blog.

    Yes, I call myself a Britophile. That's because I not only love the rich culture of England (I agree that we owe so much to them!), but also Scotland and Wales (Great Britain). Which makes me a Brit-ophile!

    Thanks again!

  3. So you are 18 and a junior in college. That is really outstanding. I have been hitchhiking the United States for most of 14 years now and I meet a lot of families that homeschool their kids--mostly Christian families.

    You are probably right about being a Britophile. Great Britain (Britophile) and England (Anglophile) are really two different entities. One of my favorite Christian writers, Oswald Chambers, is from Scotland.

    I lived in Ireland for thirteen months back in the early 1980s. I hitchhiked in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. I took a bus from Scotland into England.

    Right now I am Cody, Wyoming. I will camp out someplace in Cody and then head to Riverton tomorrow. Study hard.


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