Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old-Fashioned Memories

Blueberry fields, ME by manray3
Blueberry fields, ME, a photo by manray3 on Flickr.

You know how, every now and then, you're struck with a thought like, "Man, this is something I'll look back on when I'm 80!" That's what I thought today as my mom and I stood out in a field of ripe blueberries, feeling the touch of springtime storm as the wind tossed branches about our head and rain sprinkled the screen of my iPod. It's a different experience every year, and we've got many years to remember.

Almost as far back as I can remember we've been going to Fisher's "You Pick" Blueberry Farm to load up on the little gems that keep us rolling in delicious pancakes and muffins for the year to come. There's nothing like strolling out into the field--sometimes blazing hot and dripping with humidity, sometimes cool and rainy--with your empty 1 gallon bucket hanging on a belt at your side, then rolling the first few plump berries into the bucket and onto your tongue. The pop and ooze of a fresh, warm berry in your mouth is beyond compare, and makes the long hours of standing and stooping easier to bear. Plus, if you go with a group you get the advantage of lively banter back and forth between the rows of bushes. Sound carries well in a blueberry field, in case you didn't know!

When we've filled as many buckets as possible then we waddle up to the house with our burden, the clear plastic bags are weighed on the scale, and little kids burst with pride when they see how much more they were able to pick since last year.

These are the kind of things I'll probably look back on if I make it to age 80. What sort of experiences do you treasure?

Old-Fashioned Blueberries (Painting) by Flora Powell

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