Monday, August 8, 2011

NMS Covenant: Veggie Tortilla

It happened again. There I was, all alone in the house (Mom and Dad had gone on their anniversary trip and Aaron was at summer camp), and I was very, very hungry. Believe it or not, I was tempted to slap together one of those evil sandwiches, but the NMS Covenant held me accountable. So I grabbed a Taste of Home magazine and got to work. 

I had drooled over a certain recipe for grilled veggie tortillas, but unfortunately I have absolutely no idea how to grill (I'm not sure that my parents would trust me with live flames and propane, either). So I had to alter the recipe, and fastIt was a challenge, but I believe I passed the crisis with flying colors. I created my own version of this vegetable delight, and though I had expected it to be good, I had no suspicion that it would be remarkable

Here is a very flexible list of ingredients:

  • A tortilla (duh)
  • Oil for the skillet
  •  Zucchini (plenty of that from our garden, use some squash if you have it)
  • Sliced bell peppers
  • Onions 
  • Italian seasoning
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Basil (for garnishing)
  • Fresh garlic, mushrooms, and tomatoes would also be great additions!
The process is very simple--stir fry or saute (What's the difference?) your veggies and seasonings on high heat long enough for your zucchini or squash to soften but not so long that it burns or gets squishy. In a separate skillet heat up your tortilla in a bit of butter until it's crispy. Pile the veggie-goodness onto the tortilla, douse it with Parmesan cheese (or any other cheese you've got on hand) and garnish with fresh snipped basil leaves (I used purple basil. Mmmhmm, I'm just that good.). Cut into slices and scarf it down!

Voila, you have an absolutely delicious, crispy, healthy, pizza-like-thingy on your hands (be careful, it's messy). I hope that you can enjoy this delicacy for yourself and be spared the pain of yet another heinous sandwich!


  1. That looks so good! How long did it take you to cook it?

  2. Thanks for commenting, Lindsay!

    As far as I can remember it took me hardly any time at all. Maybe less than ten minutes to cook the veggies (depends on how thin you chop them), a minute to crisp the tortilla, and less than a minute to let it cool so I could devour it!


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