Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crazy Life? Evernote to the Rescue!

I join the ranks of many wayward bloggers in apologizing for a long delay in posting. I was doing so well for a little while! Then life caught hold of me. So often it is not the climactic, mind-reeling events that mess up one's schedule, it’s the nit-picky little things that crowd out non-essentials. 

But now I'm back, with a review of a product that is capable of organizing even my hectic life! It's called Evernote, and it's perfect for organizing the untidy proliferation of notes I've recently accumulated (see photographic evidence above). When I clean offices in the evenings, I listen to podcasts, books, and lectures on my iPod, and very often I'm struck with a brilliant, groundbreaking thought in the middle of wiping fingerprints off of a desk. So what do I do? I steal a pink Post-It note and scribble the thought down before it escapes, then stuff it in my pocket. My memory bears an unattractive resemblance to a sieve, so it's important for me to keep these notes around—somewhere—lest I lose all those magical epiphanies, so I pitch them into the rising tide of multi-colored sticky notes I keep on my window seat.

This pile of notes grew to be quite overwhelming, before I discovered the wonder of Evernote (no, they are not paying me to write this post, I'm just giving my personal testimony). Now I can store all of those scattered thoughts in a program that's accessible from my computer or the internet! I can organize them in virtual “notebooks”, add descriptive tags, and (perhaps best of all) easily record information from websites I’ve stumbled upon in my internet travels. In the old days I’d bury a URL in my huge bookmarks folders for future reference, but now I can eliminate dozens of bookmarks by recording the URLs or articles in Evernote!

It’s a fantastic product for remembering bits of information that might otherwise get lost in the mix, and it’s a free program that can be installed on virtually any device. Watch this video and see if you don’t become a fan! Plus, if you get the free Evernote app from this link we'll both receive a complimentary month of Evernote Premium!

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