Sunday, November 6, 2011

Collegiate Adventures

A Clock - and a Remembrance of Love, a photo by Tony the Misfit on Flickr.
This clock is the symbol of my school, Thomas Edison State College
It's the time I've been working toward for years: I am officially a college student! It's probably something that every homeschool kid wonders about, "Will I be able to keep up? What will it be like working with strangers? Am I really ready for this?" It's the first time I've been responsible to a stranger for my grades, and having a strict schedule is something of a shock since I've been doing little else but taking CLEP and DSST tests for the past couple of years. Suddenly I have deadlines, grading rubrics, classmates, and reading assignments!

Thankfully, the shock is not too severe since I'm not attending a physical college; I'm taking my classes online. Does that sound like a cop out? I'm sure that it's not any easier than taking traditional college classes. I'm taking three courses, two of them upper-level, and since last Sunday I have read Heart of Darkness, researched photography, practiced my photography, studied postcolonialism, written numerous posts on multiple discussion forums, and read about three quarters of Pride and Prejudice as well as a study guide on that novel

So far I have been able to submit my assigned work on time or even early, but other areas of my life may suffer in consequence. My blogging, for example, may become less and less frequent. Some of my writing assignments are quite interesting, however, and perhaps I'll post them for your reading pleasure :)

I want to thank everyone who reads my blog, however infrequently. Your views and comments are certainly an encouragement and brighten my day!    

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