Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Word for 2013

Perhaps you've heard of naming each year of your life with one word or phrase that encapsulates what you hope for, expect, and seek. For example, I christened last year "Adventure," and it lived up to it! I took an exciting trip to visit friends, went out of my comfort zone more than once, applied and was accepted to Capernwray Bible School, took the 40 Day Challenge to show solidarity with the poor, finished my college studies, and took a journey of gratitude by counting 1,000 gifts.

To this year I give a new name: Discovery.

  • I will discover God. By seeking Him daily and trusting Him completely I will know Him better.
  • I will discover myself. I will put myself in strange new circumstances and see what I am made of.
  • I will discover the world. Journeying to foreign places, near and far, I will fall in love with the variety of experiences our planet affords.

This word will drive me into deeper waters, urging me to fulfill it and make 2013 the most amazing, most revealing year of my life so far. Throughout the year I will write posts about what I am discovering, what I hope to discover, what you want to discover, and how we can do this together.

What do you want to discover this year? Do you have a word or phrase for 2013?


  1. I hope to discover what I am capable of this year as finish up my prerequisites for med school and study for/take the MCAT. I hope to discover more of myself through this and find new depths of what is possible with God's help. My word for this year is "balance."

    1. Fantastic, Colleen! Those are some wonderful concrete goals, and you sound prepared for an amazing year. Here's to balance and discovery!


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