Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day!

Wow, it's Labor Day already! So hard to believe. I think that someone messed with the calendar and made every day about three hours shorter.... This year is definitely going faster than 2008.

So today is a holiday. We should be sitting back, eating way more food than is good for us, and having good old-fashioned gab-fests with family and friends. I just had the best breakfast ever at my grandparents house. We had biscuits, gravy, monkey bread, bacon, sausage, ham, scrambled eggs, skillet potatoes, cantaloupe, and two different kinds of muffins (I made two dozen oatmeal applesauce muffins, lum)! It was amazing and I don't even want to think about food ever again.

By the way, some of you have never seen my grandparent's house. It's so great, they have a website! It's actually a bed & breakfast and has been like a second home to me since I was born. They even have 20-25 people there for church every Sunday, the great room is so big! They only live across town from us so we go there all the time. I'd love you to see pictures of it, here's their website:

So, since it's Labor Day, I think that it's only fitting for us to talk a little about our jobs. Maybe you aren't officially employed, but I'm sure that you do chores around the house or tasks that your parents give you. So here is a list of five things I love about my job as a contract cleaner, working with my parents:

1. It's a pretty mindless job, so I can listen to audiobooks on my iPod without it inhibiting the quality of my work
2. It's air conditioned in summer and heated in winter.
3. It's not physically taxing but I do get to be active
4. I can have the satisfaction that I always leave a building cleaner than it was before
5. I can be with my family all the time and we have a blast together!

Of course, at the top of every list is the blessing that we even have a job. In this troubled economy it's a blessing that we have an income source at all! And for those who don't have a job on Labor Day, we can offer up a prayer for them, and remember to always, always, always, count our blessings.

Ma'a salama!
Abby Rogers

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