Monday, September 14, 2009

The Wheels Keep Turning

All right, this is scary: I'm learning how to drive. I am about half-way through the Arkansas Driver License Test Study Guide and wondering how on earth I'm going to do this.

Yes, I know, I'm seventeen, I should be pretty sure of myself. Legally, I could have taken the test at age fourteen! Nevertheless, I've always been a big apprehensive about being behind the wheel of 6,000 pounds of metal roaring down the highway at 60 mph. I can just imagine the day I get confused, lose control, and whammo, something horrible happens involving a motorcyclist and an ice cream truck.

Really, though, I'm very apprehensive. So any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated. So far the stuff in the study guide looks pretty simple, a lot of information I should think anyone who had been riding in a vehicle for fourteen years ought to know. But, I guess they've got to tell you everything.

So here I go, off into the wild blue yonder of another thrilling school day. Wish me luck!

Auf Wiedersehn!
Abby Rogers

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