Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Legs

I have a dirty little confession to make: I hate my legs. I think I’ve probably hated my legs for as long as I can remember. My knee caps are tilted to the outside so I’m a little knock-kneed. Ever since I was 9 I’ve been self-conscious about my feet turning in (though I’ve pretty well cured myself of that with years of purposeful effort). My legs are also a little—shall we say—chunky. Oh, and did I mention that I’m a recluse who never sees the light of day? (How did you think I keep up with all these blogs?) So they’re also pale, with vibrant blue veins that would make a needle-toting nurse squeal with joy. All in all, a very bad picture.

So maybe you’ll be surprised (or appalled) when I tell you what I bought the other day: a white eyelet skirt that comes above my knees. I almost never wear clothes that don’t shroud my legs in an unoffending sheath. That day, however, I decided that it was time to face the fear and hatred. And the thing was less than $5 at Kohl’s so who’s gonna argue with that?

How could I be so bold and brazen? How dare I expose those lily-white-knock-knees to an unsuspecting world? Simple—I decided to stop taking myself so seriously. Honestly, who is staring at my legs (except you, right now)? I’ve been watching other girls for a long time now, and I figure that if they’re brave enough to show off what they’ve got then I can be brave too.

Plus, there’s a deeper aspect to all this. When you think of all the people out there who have been burned, tortured, starved, or otherwise deformed, what right do I have to be self-conscious about my legs? I had a look at what real knock knees look like and it shocked me. There are more important things to care about.

What are you self-conscious about?
How does that stack up to real deformities and is it denying you really cute additions to your wardrobe?


  1. lol, i fuggin hate my legs, thats why im not bringing shorts to camp :3 (also i dont rly like my shorts but i might throw them in if it werent for my terribly ugly legs). u do have good points for sure. but mine are even worse than what you described lol. theyre ghost-white (altho fsr u cant see any veins), but worse than that, because ghost-white legs would be nice if they were smooth and beautiful and not see-thru, is that i get really bad razor burn and i cant really find a way to cure it 3: and, since i dont tan (i mean, i cant tan), theres nothing i can do to hide it. im thinking sometime i should brave it and get them waxed. cuz shaving just beats them up pretty bad :/ i guess because my skin is so sensitive. it is also really hard for me to shave so i like miss half my legs every time rofl. basically my legs are ugly as heck. i have a lot of cute short skirts, in fact that is the majority of the 'pants' side of my wardrobe, but i always wear tights with them. which in some ways is cuter, but id like to be able to wear bare legs if i wanted to. meh. haha. wtf did i just go on for like how long talking about my legs no one cares rofl. but yeah i guess it was kinda on my mind cuz im going to camp tomorrow and im going to try pulling off pants the whole entire time? lol oh well haha.

  2. I feel your pain, Christine!

    Just remember that you probably think about your looks about 90% more than anyone else does (I don't know if that's encouraging for depressing!). Have fun at camp, try waxing, spray-on tans and whatever else floats your boat, but in the end remember that God made you beautiful--even your legs.

  3. I've been self-conscious about... pretty much everything. But, like you, I've decided to stop taking myself so seriously. This way, I can focus on the things that actually matter, and if I'm having a bad hair day or I come out of the restroom with toilet paper stuck to my shoe, I can just laugh at myself. It makes life merrier, too!

    Oh, and I completely forgot to respond to your comment in my last one. I really like the idea of a doing a group blog like that! I think I'll pray about it and sleep on it, and then I'll let you know for sure. =)


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