Friday, February 22, 2013

Do What You Love and Do It Often - Part 1

I've heard it said that the secret to happiness is actually rather obvious—do what you love and do it often. How simple does it get? But there are many obstacles in our way, obviously, because I daresay most of us are unhappy to some extent.

In this blog post series, I'll tackle a few reasons why this phrase doesn't work out so well in my life, and maybe in yours, too.

writer friend caught in action by ♥ roco julie
writer friend caught in action, a photo by ♥ roco julie on Flickr.
  1. We don't know what makes us happy. 
I always thought that the idea of "finding yourself" was rather ridiculous. How can you not know yourself? As Oscar Wilde said, "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."

But the fact is that many of us—me included—have a habit of drifting through the day doing the bare minimum, taking care of the "musts" and "shoulds," getting burned out, then collapsing into a vegetative heap before we ever make it to the "wants." The "wants" are those things that make you you, they define your personality. They were put there by God.

How about keeping a happiness journal, or at least a really big sticky note? Every time something makes your heart sing, take a moment to write it down. Maybe these snippets will form a recognizable pattern that will lead you on a wonderful journey.

Write down something you do that you love, and put it in the comment section below this post. Tell us why that makes you happy. I'll start the conversation and you can keep it rolling!


  1. Devin McManus2/24/2013

    Winter untouched blanket of snow covering the outside world, with the sun just starting to make everything sparkle :) It reminds me of Narnia :)

    We just had a couple inches of snow float down last night! It is so beautiful on the trees....when everything is so white and untouched it reminds me of how pure Christ is and how He washed away our sins that we might be "white as snow."

    I really enjoyed this post Abby!

    In Him,


  2. I'm so glad, Devin! Yes, snow is a beautiful thing. I wish we had some down here :)

  3. Tola Ferris3/05/2013

    Sharing a smile between a stranger. I do this for myself because I tend to lean on the serious side much too often. It's the reward of seeing other face's light up, that makes me smile even brighter, and that smile radiates through out the room. Who knows what they take from my smile. To me the simplest gifts are the best. This video pretty much explains it all. :)

  4. That is an awesome video, Tola! Thank you so much for sharing it. Yes, the simplest gifts are the bests, and sometimes we don't discover them until we break outside of our comfort zone.


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